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Meet Elaine


I am a hopeless romantic and devotee to a happy ever after.

I fell in love with romance on a teenage trip to Florence, when I spent an unexpected magical evening of ice cream and sweet kisses with a gorgeous young footballer from AC Milan. This inspired me to dream of romance and so I started writing love stories in my head.

I got side-tracked by a career as a lawyer, defending allegedly negligent solicitors. From time to time, I leave them to look after themselves, so I can devote myself to writing my stories.

I live in rural Suffolk with my photographer husband David and an over-indulged tabby cat called Freddie.


I write in a summerhouse looking out over fields. When I am not writing or advising lawyers, you can find me reading, baking and growing organic vegetables.


Quick-fire Questions...


Favourite book? Jane Eyre.

Favourite bake? Carrot cake with frosted icing.

Best romantic film? Notting Hill.

Favourite sound? Waves crashing onto a beach.

Tipple? A large gin and tonic!

Romantic hero? Mr Darcy. Unoriginal, I know, but a clear winner!

Song? 'The first time ever I saw your face', Roberta Flack.

Exercise?  Body Combat.

Holiday destination? South Ardeche, France.

Party trick? Singing Victorian music hall songs with a big hat!

Loves? Hedgehogs, the sea and growing veg.

Hates? Brussels sprouts, liver and snakes!

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