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The Books and Bakes Shop


Book one in the Broxburgh series

What is it about?

The Books and Bakes Shop is a contemporary romance set in a fictional seaside town of Broxburgh in Suffolk. The story centres around Katie who longs for love and a family but finds her hopes dashed after she split up with her long-term boyfriend.


Who are the main characters?

Katie: Warm hearted, with much love to give and a longing for a family of her own. She is hard working and when she inherits a book shop, she turns it  into a successful business.

Joe: Kind, strong and handsome but is emotionally sensitive thinking he could never be good enough for the business savvy, Katie.

Sally: Joe’s sister and Katie’s friend. She is bubbly, feisty and emotionally resilient after becoming a widow in her early twenties and left to bring up her two children as a single mum.


What happens?

Katie unexpectedly inherits a run-down bookshop. She up sticks from London and moves to take over the bookshop to try and turn it back into a viable business.

The story follows Katie as she increasingly grows in confidence and self-belief. She employs Joe, a carpenter, who helps with the renovations to her shop.  Joe is not a stranger as she once had a holiday romance with him as a teenager.  Their feelings for each other revive but Joe also lacks confidence believing he is not good enough for Katie. He is only a carpenter and she is a successful businesswoman.

These misunderstood feelings threaten to jeopardise their chance of happiness, particularly when Katie’s ex unexpectedly shows up.


Read The Books and Bakes Shop to find what happens next!

'The Books and Bakes Shop' is now available to purchase through Amazon in paperback and Kindle formats. Clink on the Amazon link below to buy your copy!


An Amazon UK Top 40 Best Seller (Contemporary Romance Fiction)

For signed paperback copies of 'The Books and Bakes Shop', click on the blue button below. Copies are priced at £7.49 plus £3.00 for postage/packing to a UK address. Additional fees apply for postage to an overseas address.



"This is the most beautiful story, I couldn’t put it down. A must read."



"What's not to love in this brilliant boy meets girls story. Pulls you in from the beginning, love the characters and can't wait for the next one."



"This is a beautiful romantic story around love, hope and positivity."



"So enjoyable, I couldn’t put it down."



"This is a lovely debut, great escapism, beautifully written characters and very evocative of the seaside setting,"



"Its a thoroughly enjoyable feel good story."

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